Visit Telegrafia? Good idea!

Visit Telegrafia? Good idea!

Our long-term Partners regularly visit our company’s headquarters in Košice, Slovakia. Not only do they come to do training, but also to establish long-term and friendly business relationships.

We look forward to every visit because it enhances effectiveness on both sides. As a result, our Partners gain more confidence in the technology used in their projects, and our engineers are happy to answer all their questions and provide all explanations.

A picture paints a thousand words

We show our visitors round all the departments: the hardware and software development department, production department, sales department, and the warehouse, and we present our acoustic and climatic chambers to them. As a visitor to our company, you will get acquainted with the entire process of manufacturing customised solutions, which begins far before the actual order placement. We will introduce you to the whole product portfolio, and you will be able to touch every siren (Pavian, Gibon, Screamer, and Pavian Car), see how it is connected, and to explore all its functionalities.

We will teach you how to create projects in Acusticus by yourself, explain to you what the proper acoustic and radio projects should look like, and which sirens to use and how to configure them in the projects.

We will demonstrate all Vektra® software applications to you, all their modules and functionalities. You will learn about the user interface and the Vektra® settings so that you can satisfy your client’s needs. We can work on the details of your project together, along with the experts who develop, produce and install our solutions.

We will take you to Bukovec, a dam near the city of Košice, where you can see our greatest warning and notification system in operation. The system is part of the national warning system, and it contains 2,000 sirens.

At the end of your visit, you will be given the EWANS® software configuration tool for free.

Embrace Telegrafia´s vision and join the team of our satisfied Partners

It will be our pleasure to entertain you in the congenial atmosphere of our town so that you can also experience a piece of the Slovak culture: enjoy the delicious food and drink and the look at stunningly beautiful Slovak women, allegedly one of the most beautiful in the world. 🙂

Visit the company and get to know us, find out more about our work. Let us build mutual trust and support for each other. Turn our virtual relationship into the real partnership.

Visiting Telegrafia is not only training but exciting experience. Come and see with your own eyes. We are looking forward to your visit.

Your Telegrafia team 🙂

The article was written by

Zuzana Jacova

Zuzana works at Telegrafia at the marketing department. Her main responsibility is to keep an eye on Google Ads and Facebook. Online marketing is changing all the time, giving her the chance to expand her knowledge constantly and put it into real practice. After work, she relaxes best by going to the gym and watching good films.

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