Local Warning Systems

Local Warning Systems

With their outstanding functionalities, the electronic sirens manufactured by the Telegrafia company can be used effectively as stand-alone warning devices without need for any operation control, in the form of small autonomous warning systems; for example, in small production halls, winter stadiums, cold stores, biogas stations, golf courses, shooting ranges, airports, and many other locations.

Telegrafia’s electronic sirens can be used wherever high acoustic siren performance in the exterior is required. The construction materials used allow the operation of sirens even in extremely harsh climatic and weather conditions (low and high temperatures or high humidity, for instance). The sirens offered by Telegrafia contain interfaces that are implemented to connect external devices and sensors and provide essential monitoring and control systems solutions. Therefore, they can be used as part of any compact autonomous warning system.

A broad portfolio of our electronic sirens gives our clients an excellent opportunity to select a suitable solution that meets their requirements and possibilities. In addition to the application possibilities described above, there is apparently more potential for the implementation of the sirens, such as at construction sites, logistics and warehouse centres, freezing plants and food stores, airports, bus and railway stations, beaches, or even swimming pools.

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