Telegrafia Gives Smiles That Touch the Lives of Many People

Telegrafia Gives Smiles That Touch the Lives of Many People

Telegrafia is one of the main pillars of the global warning systems market, but at the same time, it is a company with a big heart, supporting charity and mutual help, and being aware of the most precious values. Each coin is said to have two sides. In our company, we could talk about the entrepreneurial and human sides of that coin. At the core of this human heart are Telegrafia’s employees and their daily interactions and friendships built up over time by working together in a peaceful and inspirational environment. However, this community spirit of cooperation and loyalty among the staff members can spread further beyond the company’s boundaries.

Telegrafia has been a long-term supporter of the Smile as a Gift project. For a few decades, we have been trying to help the Society of Friends of Children from Children’s Homes. Moreover, the form of such help does not necessarily mean money. Our main link with the Smile as a Gift organisation is undoubtedly a good man – a man with a big heart and our senior colleague Radoslav Dráb. He has been working for Telegrafia for over twenty years. Rado is also the chairman of Košice’s Smile as a Gift affiliation. He was a so-called “domovák” – a child brought up in a children’s home – himself and is a living example that even people who grow up in an orphanage have a great future ahead of them. With little effort, determination, and perhaps a bit or pinch of help. Here, Telegrafia can stand proud as we have shared a bit of our company’s heart with him.

rado drab_Smile as a Gift project

Smile as a Gift has been giving smiles for 30 years

Smile as a Gift has been giving smiles for 30 years. Perhaps this was one of the reasons why its thirty-year jubilee was celebrated by the 1st  Donors’ Conference on June 1st, 2021, titled “We are changing Slovakia with you“. As the title may suggest, the conference was an account or summary of what the Smile has accomplished in the last three decades. Above all, it was held to thank the main sponsors and companies that support their projects. Our company could not miss the opportunity and was represented by no one else but the company’s CEO, Mr Peter Marčák. His words about the necessity of cooperation and mutual help were heard in the first guest block, followed by a set of questions that he answered along with the representatives of VSE Holding (Ms Monika Tajblik Lofflerová), FPT Slovakia (Ms Andrea Kalafusová), and Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions Slovakia (Mr Juraj Probala).

If you are interested in learning more about the Smile as a Gift organisation, its activities, cooperation, and achievements, click and watch the donor conference here. Plus, if you decide to support Smile as a Gift, do so through this link. People who need help or only a little push in their life are everywhere around us. Telegrafia is ready to help. As Mr Marčák mentioned, it is only a matter of time before we welcome another grown-up child from a children’s home to our working family.

Smile as a Gift project

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