Does a Regular Day Have 24 Hours for Everyone?

Does a Regular Day Have 24 Hours for Everyone?

No, it doesn´t! Let’s find out why in the following article.

With growing sales of our products, the amount of work to do is increasingly growing too, which is sometimes a bit of a headache for all of us. As the management of the Telegrafia Company cares about the health and mental well-being of its staff, we were given an opportunity to do a course on Time Management. The main idea of the course was to teach us how to avoid stress, unhappiness, and tiredness during a day.

We learned in this course how to effectively use the full potential of a day, concentrate on important things while being overloaded with lots of duties and frequently interrupted by colleagues, and how to overlook things we can’t affect or have the power to change. What’s more, we were shown how to relieve stress, seek a work-life balance, achieve the goals set while still gaining a feeling of overall professional detachment at work, and most importantly, how to promote a sense of general well-being in life.

It´s important to have goals!

Did you know that person without goals is happy only on 40%? On the other hand, people who have goals (in personal or professional life) are happier. If I have no idea where I am going, it doesn’t matter which way I choose. For this reason is better for us to have smaller goals. Achieving these smaller goals makes us happier and more satisfied.

Another important topic was sleep. Its quality and quantity. To reach a maximum power it’s necessary to get quality sleeping regeneration. The most interesting idea, for me, was that sleeping before midnight is more useful than past midnight.

How important are the information for us?

In these days our brains are filled with a lot of information. It´s difficult for us to decide which are useful. Over collecting this information could cause collapse of our mind. That is the reason why we need to ask ourselves: Will I pay for this information? Do I need this information? Will this information help me?

These are only few ideas which I remember. The course had positive influence. I already feel change in my colleague’s mind. It happened few times that we stopped talking about pointless topics and we continued in our work.

I ought you the answer to the question from the headline. Human body is getting older and human brain is getting slower. We might not like it, but it’s a fact. Do you remember how much you were able to do in a day when you were younger? The day lasted eternity. Today lasts only few hours, and we feel that we didn’t do enough.

It´s a fact and we have to accept it and we have to work more effectively.

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