Welcome to Telegrafia, Madam President!

Welcome to Telegrafia, Madam President!

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Safety First

We are still excited and quite overwhelmed. Not every day, we get a visit from one of the top state representatives. Well, we had this extraordinary privilege and were honoured by the visit of the Head of State – the President of the Slovak Republic, Zuzana Čaputová, who came to get acquainted with the electronic sirens that our company manufactures and distributes around the world. The red-letter day for Telegrafia.

Of course, such a visit requires careful preparations, which involve a range of precautions according to the standards appropriate to such an event. It all went really quickly – while we were awaiting the arrival of the President, the members of her accompanying team were securing and checking all the places that were to be part of the company tour and the programme for her visit. Once the President arrived, the time sped up incredibly. Well, only for some.

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Welcome to the World of Acoustic Warning

Telegrafia’s CEO, Peter Marčák, together with the Sales Director, Štefan Marčák, welcomed the President with warm words, an expression of gratitude for making this meeting possible, and gave her a bouquet of flowers together with a gift – a scale model of the Siren, the company’s totem. After a short welcoming ceremony, we went on a tour of some selected parts of the company.

We showed the President around our production department, hardware, and software development department, and we also took pride in showing her the wall of our products at the sales and marketing department. The subject of communication varied, ranging from the production or operation of electronic sirens through the global reach and evolution of our products to the impact of today’s difficult socio-political situation in the world on the demand for electronic sirens and warning systems. From the President’s questions and the entire conversation with the company’s directors, it was clear to see and hear the thorough preparation that Zuzana Čaputová had had to go through. We can only hope that we were able to answer her questions satisfactorily and believe that we were able to provide her with an exciting insight into the world of acoustic warning.

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What an Honour

A minute felt like a second. A few questions, answers, the President’s dazzling charisma and the end! Our time was up, but we managed to use and turn the last minutes into a group photo in front of the entrance to our company. And after that? We are left to thank the President for her presence in Telegrafia and wish her every success in representing the Slovak Republic even after her presidential term. Because exceptional things do not happen all the time, only once in a blue moon. We are genuinely delighted that this exceptionality lasted for at least five years.

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