Success story – Kuala Lumpur Area Flood Forecasting and Early Warning System

Success story – Kuala Lumpur Area Flood Forecasting and Early Warning System

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Project Name: Kuala Lumpur Area Flood Forecasting and Early Warning System

Country: Malaysia, Asia

Project Goal: Implementation of a reliable and state-of-the-art flood warning system to warn the citizens of an upcoming flood threat

Number of flood sirens: 33 Gibon 600W sirens

Commencement of the project: 2021-2024

Floods occur suddenly and quickly become life-threatening. They are often caused by heavy rainfall, melting snow, or a breaking dam or levee. Unexpected floods can happen in urban or rural areas and occur with little to no warning, making people feel highly endangered. The main danger of floods is the speed and force of the rushing water. This can sweep away anything in its way, including cars, trees, and buildings. People caught in a flood risk drowning or being washed away. Moreover, the force of water can swamp debris and cause injuries and damage property. Therefore, a reliable system in place to forecast and warn people of potential floods is an enormous advantage. Such systems forecasting and warning against flash floods include technology with high-output electronic sirens. Once a threat occurs, the warning information in the form of sound alarms or clear voice messages in multiple languages can be delivered to the public through emergency sirens.

Telegrafia a.s., thanks to and with the local Partner, was entrusted with a challenging task – to build the Kuala Lumpur Area Flood Forecasting and Early Warning System. During three years, 33 modern Gibon 600W sirens were installed in carefully selected locations. The aim was to reduce the risk of potential flood-related disasters. The sirens proved reliable and robust as they were designed and equipped with the latest cutting-edge technology to operate in harsh weather conditions. The high-quality small loudspeakers ensure the system makes a clear and loud enough sound to alert the community in an emergency. The sirens are designed to be energy-efficient (using solar power) while still not disturbing the beautiful local landscape.

Flood forecasting and early warning systems are becoming increasingly important in today’s world, where natural disasters are becoming more frequent. The system installed in the Kuala Lumpur area is a prime example of how technology can be used to protect citizens and improve their quality of life. We are proud to be part of this undertaking. Our company’s constant vigilance and unwavering commitment to keeping people safe worldwide reflect our motto: we are the solution.

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Michal has lived in six countries, and he can speak four languages. He represents Telegrafia in the USA, Asia, Australia and Germanic countries as an international business manager. He is a big fan of Jamie Oliver, eats healthily, but he still loves unhealthy food. He does not agree with Mark Twain that people can live on a good compliment for two months. Michal is a bookworm, believes in experience-dependent brain neuroplasticity that takes it roots in the idea of what we focus on. He agrees with Raj Koothrappali that Aquaman sucks; he is familiar with the fact that not Mount Everest but Olympus Mons is the tallest mountain known to man.

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