The Tsunami Warning System in Malaysia Constantly Put to the Test

The Tsunami Warning System in Malaysia Constantly Put to the Test

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Tsunami Siren Warning System
Malaysian Government Agency
30 1200W Gibon sirens
Future Preparedness for Tsunami Disasters

For more than 25 years, we have been applying science and bringing innovation into our work. Our company, Telegrafia a.s., has transferred various technological ideas into the highly-developed and efficient warning systems equipped with several unique features that our customers benefit from on a daily basis. We have set many goals in different areas, but one of the most significant undertakings was to assure that Telegrafia’s sirens reach a desired level of quality.

Regular testing and successful test results have become a reliable indicator of the quality of our products, proving complete dependability and health of our sirens at all times. Not only does this fact increase the customersĀ“ confidence in the system by reducing the future risk of its malfunctioning, but it also assures lower maintenance costs and higher product consistency.

Watch how the tsunami system in Malaysia, one of the examples of our warning systems installations, meets all essential performance criteria:


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