Seeking Simple Industrial Warning Solutions

Seeking Simple Industrial Warning Solutions

Noisy, dusty, large and open industrial environments can have adverse effects on workers. Such exposure is one of the most hazardous factors in working environments. In their production operations, many factories use harmful substances, which, when transported, stored and processed, may endanger human health and life. Workers’ health, comfort and performance are thus negatively affected, and accidents occur more frequently than in other environments. Each manager has a moral responsibility to ensure that his or her team is safe. Besides the observance of health and safety regulations, every factory should have a warning system implemented.

bono electronic siren
screamer electronic siren

Cost-Friendly yet an Effective Solution

The two sirens below developed and manufactured by Telegrafia seem to present a cost-friendly and still an effective solution for industrial applications.

The Bono siren offers a stand-alone warning solution with battery back-up. Bono can reproduce alert tones, and voice messages from its internal memory or broadcast live voice messages using an external microphone. As standard, Bono is supplied with a big horn in the 100B version, and its installation is effortless. It can be used both in the exterior and interior industrial areas, noisy production halls, open-pit mines, and in a variety of other areas.

The Screamer siren is very efficient yet small in size. The main difference between the Bono siren and the Screamer siren lies in the lack of battery back-up. However, it still offers many ways to ensure the required warning functionality for industrial environments. Screamer is produced in two versions, with large and small horns. A small siren horn has an acoustic directivity pattern close to a circle with lower acoustic pressure. In comparison, a large one has an elliptical acoustic directivity pattern, higher acoustic pressure, and it can cover a relatively larger area as a result.

Do not hesitate to contact us and let us help you find an efficient indoor or outdoor industrial warning system solution.


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