Production Planning / Production: Core Activities of the Company

Production Planning / Production: Core Activities of the Company

The core activity of the company is production of warning systems and the related production processes. Mr Fedor Mihalisko, our production planner, will tell us more about production planning and production:

    1. What is your job responsibility in Telegrafia?

    I am responsible for production planning. Briefly said, siren production must meet customer specifications, deadlines and, of course, sirens must be made in the best possible quality. The process of production planning consists of several stages: generating orders (for sirens) and sub-orders (for modules, cables, wiring, etc.), manufacturing individual parts and, eventually, assembling them to final products, while keeping the required delivery times and ongoing manufacturing processes in mind. All the stages mentioned above are interrelated and interdependent; therefore, it is necessary to follow the production schedule and sequence of production steps.

    2. How do you plan and organise production?

    We have a coordination meeting every week where priorities for specific contracts are set. Based on these priorities, I try to adapt production processes, which would be more accurately termed as production planning. Orders previously generated by the sales department are further broken down into sub-orders. Some components to complete sirens are supplied by external suppliers, and some are manufactured in our workshops. The final assembly of a siren can start only when all the necessary components are prepared, including the required fasteners, connectors, and cables. After the assembly, the siren is configured, inspected and tested, and packed for dispatch to our clients.

    3. What do you need to consider before the production starts?
    The most important element is people. Therefore, every contract needs careful and efficient people and time management.

    4. What do you think is essential for production planning?
    I think it is to avoid mistakes and check everything several times.

    5. What do you believe is important when managing the production team?
    Being human. Making space for jokes. Plus sometimes, when necessary, raising my voice to get the job done on time.

    6. What is your life motto?
    ”Being second is to be the first of the ones who lose,“ said Ayrton Senna.