Multi-Purpose BONO Sirens Used for Tsunami Early Warning by Tonga Meteorological & Coastal Radio Services

Multi-Purpose BONO Sirens Used for Tsunami Early Warning by Tonga Meteorological & Coastal Radio Services

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Courtesy of the Tonga Red Cross Society social media publication, we are pleased to share the successful testing of the BONO stand-alone all-in-one sirens.

Even the most basic sirens can do the job

A timely and effective warning system is not just a suggestion but a lifeline in the face of a natural disaster as devastating as a tsunami. When the earth trembles and the ocean retreats, there is a brief chance to escape the approaching wall of water. A well-functioning warning system is crucial to maximising this precious time. It allows coastal communities to evacuate to higher ground, secure their belongings and prepare for the inevitable high tide. Not only does the effectiveness of the warning system depend on its speed but also on its clarity. Simple, unambiguous messages, delivered through sirens, alarms or voice messages, ensure that everyone understands the gravity of the situation and knows exactly what to do.

Many options that brings advantages

The Bono sirens are exceptionally compact and unobtrusive, blending power outputs and diverse capabilities, and can provide a compelling set of advantages:

  1. All-in-one horn design that offers easy installation and compact dimension.
  2. Unique light-aluminium alloy horns proven to be sustainable in most marine-based weather environments.
  3. Loud decibel level with clear penetration of alarm or spoken message.
  4. Excellent intelligibility of voice messages, both pre-recorded alarms and live voice messages.
  5. Possibility of combining multiple voice and alarm messages with different tones and lengths.
  6. Embedding the siren into the hardware battery, which is crucial for its operation after a power outage.
  7. Wireless GSM activation done by sending a text through SMS or a specific application.
Tonga tsunami

Even seemingly simple devices can undoubtedly provide exceptional performance and functionality when designed with innovation. Below are some publications on multi-purpose siren use for tsunami early warnings delivered to the people of Mo’unga’one from the Tonga Meteorological Office by radio.

Siren early warning system testing in the community after being fixed, when tsunami warning this will be the sound that the community will understand and evacute:

Siren testing from Tonga Meteorological Office:

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