Telegrafia at Region’s Leading Water and Water Platform for Developing Asia

Telegrafia at Region’s Leading Water and Water Platform for Developing Asia

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Courtesy of our esteemed partner, Telegrafia’s ingenious solutions were prominently showcased at the Region’s Leading Water and Water Platform for Developing Asia, a prestigious event held from April 23rd to 25th, 2024, at the renowned Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. This highly anticipated event brought together industry experts, inspirational leaders and decision-makers from across Asia to delve into the transformative power of water and water-related technologies. Telegrafia’s cutting-edge products and services garnered significant attention, offering innovative and sustainable approaches to address the region’s water-related challenges. Telegrafia presented a trendy component of the weather early warning system – the Gibon electronic siren with small loudspeakers.

electronic siren

Malaysia-wide flood and tsunami systems

Telegrafia, a leading siren provider in Malaysia, has played a pivotal role in enhancing public safety by implementing numerous critical flood and tsunami warning systems throughout the country. Our expertise in siren technology, coupled with a deep understanding of local conditions and hazard risks, has enabled us to design and deploy effective early warning systems. From coastal areas susceptible to tsunamis to flood-prone river basins, Telegrafia’s sirens provide vital alerts, giving communities precious time to evacuate. We work closely with local authorities to help build a resilient network of early warning systems that safeguard Malaysian communities from the devastating impacts of natural disasters. Our commitment to innovation and public safety continues to drive us to develop cutting-edge solutions that empower communities to be better.

electronic siren Gibon

Gibon electronic siren

The Gibon electronic siren reigns supreme as the most popular siren among Malaysian early warning systems. Gibon’s versatility makes the siren highly adaptable for diverse security needs. Its small, relatively light, yet extremely powerful loudspeakers make the warning system cost-effective. Combined with a high-decibel output, the Gibon siren provides a potent deterrent in emergencies. These sirens, strategically installed in vulnerable areas, serve as vital lifelines, broadcasting timely and clearly audible alerts that enable communities to take swift action and evacuate safely during flood or tsunami events. Giving the local communities instructions and appropriate response time is essential in safeguarding lives and property during potentially devastating events.

As we have bid farewell to our platform’s current edition, we look forward to meeting again at the new edition in 2026.

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