Mass warning systems for ports

Mass warning systems for ports

A powerful mass warning and notification system designed for ports and offered by the Telegrafia company usually consists of one to ten sirens, depending on the size of the port, and an autonomous and highly automated monitoring system. A comprehensive and intuitive control system is provided by the Vektra® software applications (such as SCADA, Warning, and Notification).

  • The unmanned monitoring system continuously monitors and evaluates various variables, such as wind speed or the presence of hazardous substances.
  • The acoustic warning system covers the port and its surroundings with a warning signal and serves:
    • for mass public warning and evacuation in case of danger,
    • for reporting emergencies (accidents, fires, tsunamis, and earthquakes).
  • The notification system promptly informs the responsible persons in the form of a voice or text message of the occurrence of an emergency. It saves valuable time for making the necessary decisions.

The port warning and notification system solution is designed to comply with the most stringent current standards set for its reliability and robustness, helping to meet all modern safety and security requirements of the 21st century.

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