How Can Insects Damage Your Warning System?

How Can Insects Damage Your Warning System?

Warning systems are usually installed in areas, which are densely inhabited. Mostly in the cities with a higher population. However, the warning systems are also installed in remote areas as rivers, water dams, coasts, etc. Diverse nature can be found in such areas. Technicians and users of warning systems can meet with obstacles that come along in nature. Bees and hornets often find a new home in horns of the electronic sirens. Technicians are sometimes stung by bees during service.

Dysfunction of the warning system by plugged horn is the most significant issue that might appear. The lower intensity of the warning signal is the first indication of a plugged horn. In fact, that main function of the warning system is producing a loud warning signal, plugged horn needs to be cleaned immediately. One of the possible options is to regularly clean the horns. But this method takes a lot of time and cost a lot of money. The most effective option is the installation of a protective net. The protective net keeps out the insect. The protective nets are made of stainless steel and therefore no further service is needed. The protective nets for electronic sirens are possible to use on the big horns and small horns as well.

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Jan Suvak

Jan has been working for Telegrafia for over eight years. He started as a sales representative for warning systems in the Slovak and Czech Republics. He also participated in managing small projects at that time. He has been through a number of communications, sales, and management training courses ever since, thanks to which he is now working as the international business team leader. Selling is his hobby not just work, so, apart from managing his team, he sells warning systems in the Czech Republic and Arabic-speaking countries. He is keen on sport and hiking, and his greatest passion is cycling.

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