Urban Church Bell in Uruguay

Urban Church Bell in Uruguay

Name of the Project: Electronic Church Bell – Urban M
Country: Uruguay
Goal of the Project: Modernisation of the Local Church
Devices: Urban M
Date of the Project: 2020

An Urban electronic church bell has been installed in Tarariras, a Uruguayan city. As the system is made of a light and durable material, the electronic bell is mounted in an open-bell tower together with the original brass bells without further overloading the bell tower.

Urban M has met all client’s expectations regarding its easy installation, good audibility, and intelligibility. The real and most significant added value is a built-in battery, which ensures the smooth and continued operation of the bell even in a 110 V power failure and its automation and programmability. The bell rings regularly every Sunday and summons the faithful to church for prayer.

Moreover, the LCU15 control unit that operates the bell is lockable and equipped with a microphone, giving it a wide variety of uses. With the current Spanish menu, it is possible to ring seventeen different bell sounds and even play a wedding march. The Urban M electronic church bell has been bringing great joy to the worshippers’ community since Christmas of 2020.


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