The Third Year in a Row with La Niña

The Third Year in a Row with La Niña

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How to describe it? Cold in Hell

Let’s not be kidding ourselves. We are coming to a point where a mighty intervention of humankind to preserve our planet for generations is inevitable. We’ve been in this misery for several years, and the guiding facts should be those based on human lack of effort to change the situation. The climate in the world has become so critical that even Nature can’t cope with it. Global warming is indisputable, so why are the temperatures in the Pacific Ocean falling currently?

Many might not know what La Niña is. Together with its counterpart El Niño, they are the main drivers of Earth’s climate system variability. La Niña refers to the drop in water temperatures in the ocean’s surface layers. El Niño, on the other hand, is responsible for their increase. These two phenomena seem to operate like yin and yang, triggering one another. Each of them oppositely impacts weather and climate. Based on history and its lessons, the cooling period is known to last a year or two. What makes the current situation peculiar and possibly more severe is that the La Niña impact has been ongoing for three years and hasn’t followed the previous warming period. It has already reached its peak, as it seems, but its effects on the climate will be present for some time in the future. What kind of effects, you may ask?

Weather Polarisation

Regardless of the steadily rising average air temperatures, which continue to increase despite the El Niño phenomenon, it is water that troubles specific areas of this planet. Two polarities are forming:  places with below-average rainfall and therefore drought (Europe, Central Asia, or Central Africa), and places with extreme precipitation, high air humidity, and soil unable to soak up the water produced by incessant rains after the three years of La Niña (Australia and parts of South America and Africa).

Weather extremes are the main reason for natural disasters to occur. Since the number of natural catastrophes is dramatically increasing, the human world must prepare. Flames are on one side of the imaginary coin, and torrential rains, floods, and landslides are on the other. At times when these events are so dramatic, regular, and increasingly frequent, it is essential to be able to defend against their consequences.

It’s Good to Know What’s Coming

In each of the above cases, regardless of the territory and threat, Telegrafia can provide a solution to combat the unwanted effects of the natural elements in the form of early warning by electronic sirens. That is to say, if people do not have information about acute danger, they cannot react adequately. Ultimately, this can mean the difference between life and death.

Therefore, if you want to learn more about acoustic help in these situations, electronic sirens, or our solutions, visit our website at Only Mother Nature knows how and when she will show her power. With us, you’ll be ready to withstand its pitfalls.

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