Addio Estate! Goodbye Summer!

Addio Estate! Goodbye Summer!

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Another one gone

Another year, another summer has gone – a hellish one this time. As it’s slowly come to an end, let’s give it a traditional farewell. Farewell to the Summer is one of the many company traditions and parties that satisfy our stomachs and tighten our working and friendly relationships. So what was it like? To put myself in the spirit of the event – it was molto bene. So, signore e signori, let’s start from the beginning.

It was a usual Friday, and the weather was mentally testing our already relaxed minds. It had been raining since the morning; it was sprinkling even when we were about to start. Would it continue to rain later in the afternoon? The organisers were wondering whether the rain would stop or continue when they eventually decided to move the event indoors to be on the safe side. However, the weather settled down and put a Friday face on in the end. Still, the food was served inside – in the newly refurbished L7 building – but the people went out to bask in the late summer sunshine.

telegrafia-goodbye party

Sun and food for everyone

The Farewell to the Summer party kicked off with a few whip lashes just after three o’clock as if it was on schedule. Colleagues, their families and friends, gradually gathering inside and outside, had several programme options to choose from. Well, as it always happens after a long day at work, the priority for most was the food on offer. You might guess from the title of this article, cari amici – the menu was dressed in a tricolour of basil, mozzarella, and tomatoes. There was seriously something for everyone on the Italian menu. Whether your craving was for savoury, meaty, gluten-free pizza, or something sweet, there was a great choice of meals for you. Oh, and there was no shortage of wine with the meals, so whatever got stuck in your stomach was immediately washed out of the way and down with a drink. I stayed true to myself and the cold draft beer, which I was very grateful to have on the drinks menu.

Since the event was also for our loved ones, the smallest and the youngest were not forgotten either. We were also pleased with the presence of Malý Huncút, a workshop for young children, which was a great embellishment and, most importantly, a fabulous attention-grabber for our (whoops, your) children. The same goes for the creative workshops for children and adults and the presentation of folk art, which were part of this year’s programme.


In honour of the elders

If you still don’t know it after all these years, the Farewell to the Summer party takes place in our car park. Therefore, we must regularly un-park our cars from the venue. However, this year we did it mainly out of respect for the elders – veterans from the Veterano club Žiar nad Hronom. Several exhibition pieces parked in a line in front of the building were an eye-pleasing treat but not only for car fans. I might consider my old Fabia a vintage car, but unfortunately, not every old car can possess such an attribute. The Veteranos have their history and polished chassis, and we even had the privilege of driving some of them. I firmly believe that you took advantage of this great opportunity as well.

The whole event just turned out to be a great success, as always. The weather was courtesy of Mother Nature, the entertainment of close friends and colleagues (or close colleagues), and the food was from the boot-shaped country where we all like to travel in the summer. We left well-fed, hydrated, well-driven, and back home in our own cars 😊

Addio estate! Goodbye, summer, and see you next year!

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Róbert Jakab

Robert is like a moving photograph – because he is like a video. He can capture 60 frames per second. Whenever something happens, he records it. Currently, he’s working on smaller videos and hoping to make a feature film one day and then its sequel. Telegrafia 2: Monkey Power

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