The Power of Nature

The Power of Nature

Survival of the fittest. The Darwinian law that makes history and has always been right in various meanings.  For humans, animals and basically for everything living. However, humanity shifts this paradigm into its creations. The effort to create quality products, strong and durable materials, products that have all the prerequisites to serve their purposes perfectly gears the competition battles forward.

The staff at Telegrafia know that we have to strive for excellence and be better than our competitors: we are aware we must offer top quality, which is so typical of the company’s products and demanded by our customers. That is why we do our best to guarantee it.

Testing electronic siren boxes

One of the methods Telegrafia can ensure the quality of its products and improve product performance is testing electronic siren boxes for resistance to various environmental impacts, the so-called ingress protection (IP) testing. Most device failures can be attributed to an accumulation of stresses, strains, environmental and mechanical influences. Our devices are made of various materials, while each of them has different shortcomings and individual tolerance to external effects and mechanical wear. Therefore, it is not easy to protect them all but neither impossible. Mother Nature provides us with all kinds of vagaries, such as salty air and water, dust, grit, and extremes of temperature. The core of the sirens consists of many electronic modules that must withstand diverse external impacts. To meet customer expectations for durability, integrity, and performance, our siren boxes with electronics are, so to speak, overly exposed. Nevertheless, it is the ingress protection testing (to prevent dangerous contact, mechanical moving mechanisms hazards, and stop foreign objects getting inside the products) that are a crucial defensive element to avoid field failures of Telegrafia’s electronic sirens. The goal is to guarantee the full operability of our devices/products in almost any conditions.

electronic box
testing electronic siren box

What about extreme temperature

Besides testing external safety and resistance of electronic sirens to water-and-air-borne contaminants, the siren boxes are tested for extreme temperatures in the laboratories situated at the company’s headquarters. Since Telegrafia supplies sirens globally and is continually expanding its markets, it is essential that our sirens are fully operational in all local climatic conditions, whether it be a tropical heat or extreme frost. You can read more about our testing methodology in the article How we “bake” sirens.

Telegrafia’s mass warning systems operate continuously and are permanently under external environmental pressure. However, they can win even the fiercest battle… because the people at Telegrafia have trained them to.

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