Telegrafia’s Warning System at Congreso Nacional de Proteccion Civil in Mexico

Telegrafia’s Warning System at Congreso Nacional de Proteccion Civil in Mexico

The Mexican company of Alta Prevención participated in a unique event in the capital of Mexico – Mexico City. During 7-9 August, 2019, its representatives introduced early warning systems for dealing with seismic hazards to the visitors to the national congress on civil protection.

The territories surrounding the Mexican capital belong to those where the imminence of disasters has been a significant part of history. The Congress, which lasted for three days, was held in Mexico City for the thirteenth time and public and private sectors risk management professionals shared their experience with about 1,500 attendees.

The presence of key leaders and agents always makes this Congress an innovative forum, where ideas regarding security and civil protection are exchanged, current issues analysed, and new developments presented.

Alta Prevención exhibited its early warning system for sudden dangerous seismic activities such as earthquakes, tsunamis and volcano eruptions. The system presented contains three crucial parts that enable it to reach masses and make it highly reliable:

  • 360° reliable seismic sensors that alert when dangerous seismic activities are detected and indicated
  • Long-range electronic sirens that immediately warn the population
  • Evacuation plans that instruct the warned community to take proper action in the evacuation process

This is an unmanned technology, without a need for human intervention; however, the warning system can be activated by an operator as well, which makes it multifunctional and adjustable to any emergency (i.e. not only an earthquake).

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