Success Story: BUNGE Sunflower Seeds Oil Factory Early Warning System

Success Story: BUNGE Sunflower Seeds Oil Factory Early Warning System

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Name of the Project: BUNGE Sunflower Seeds Oil Factory Early Warning System
Location: Thrace Region of Turkey, Kırklareli City
Number of Sirens: 3 Pavian and 3 Bono sirens
Date of Last Installation: December 2021
Goal of the Project: Elimination of operational hazards related to fire and machinery accidents within the scope of occupational health and safety
Time for Installation and Commissioning: 2 weeks

BUNGE was set up in 1818 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, as a grain trader company. Over almost two hundred years of progress,  it has now reached the status of an international company with more than four hundred factories, warehouses, and purchasing centres. BUNGE Limited, which has been operating in Turkey since 2000, lately decided to enhance its safety and warning infrastructure by commissioning a Telegrafia’s warning and notification system.

The system consists of 3 Pavian® 600W sirens, 3 BONO® Sirens, and 1 OCP16® control panel equipped with the VEKTRA® Warning application. All units use the fibre communications channel.

The outdoor Pavian sirens were mounted on 4-metre-high poles on top of the building to provide the best acoustic propagation. The goal was to design a system that could generate at least 80dB over the area of the entire factory. Because the factory is located in an agricultural area, the siren horns are protected with a special Horn Protection Cover®. Thanks to this equipment, the formation of bird and bee nests inside the horns is prevented. The indoor Bono sirens were installed in the production hall. Due to the heavy background noise, estimated between 78.3dB and 86.6dB using the Acusticus Software® Indoor function, the system designers placed the sirens in the most appropriate areas to be heard audibly.


The system can produce multiple alarms, for example, against a flood or fire, fire drills, a test signal, or a power cut. Additionally, thanks to the superior function of the OCP16 control module, the managers were able to program scheduled automatic drills announcements. Before using Telegrafia’s equipment, fire drills were announced only through a single channel, email. Thanks to the new system, more space for flexibility, voice, and assurance has been created, which impacts all safety drill procedures at the end of the day. Being prepared is already a tacit advantage itself.

“Telegrafia a.s. Partner that prioritises respect for ideas, differences, the environment, being consistent and ethical for the sake of integrity, competitiveness, and the importance of teamwork, has adopted the principle of being a solution partner for Telegrafia based on efficiency in its works. And combining its forces with the experienced and intelligent staff of Telegrafia, our company has succeeded in this project with the Telegrafia 24h/365days Help Desk support line.”

Project Director, Mr. Yavuz Kavaklioglu, Promira Bilişim Hizmetleri Tic. Ltd. Şti


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Michal Rosinski

Michal has lived in six countries, and he can speak four languages. He represents Telegrafia in the USA, Asia, Australia and Germanic countries as an international business manager. He is a big fan of Jamie Oliver, eats healthily, but he still loves unhealthy food. He does not agree with Mark Twain that people can live on a good compliment for two months. Michal is a bookworm, believes in experience-dependent brain neuroplasticity that takes it roots in the idea of what we focus on. He agrees with Raj Koothrappali that Aquaman sucks; he is familiar with the fact that not Mount Everest but Olympus Mons is the tallest mountain known to man.

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