FAQs and Some Very Basic Answers

FAQs and Some Very Basic Answers

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We ask

If we don’t know something, we ask. If we ask frequently, we are probably interested. In Telegrafia, we produce warning and notification systems, which fall under the industry containing myriads of technical information, facts and terms that require detailed explanation to understand.

From fundamental to technical terms, through detailed descriptions of products and solutions, all the way to how-it-works facts. Well, being the leader of the electronic siren industry means it is our duty to disclose to you some information about us. And us means our products, solutions and the terms that make you understand these all.

We answer

Let’s start with the basics. Here are five frequently asked questions whose answers will tell you more about our company:

1. What is an electronic siren?

An electronic siren is an electronic device intended to be a warning device for signalling incoming danger. It can produce a typical, loud, fluctuating tone. Stationary sirens provide early mass public warning against or during natural disasters, fires, industrial accidents, sound air raids, or chemical alerts at times of war.

2. What is a mobile electronic siren?

A mobile electronic siren is a siren installed on cars and other vehicles used for mass warning. A car with a siren mounted on the roof can quickly and operatively move in an endangered area following the recent occurrence of danger and thus warn the population over a large area. A mobile electronic siren is suitable for emergencies in remote locations or areas without a warning system.

3. What is the importance of an early warning system?

A comprehensive early warning system is implemented as a chain of information and communications systems. It includes a monitoring system for event detection, risk analysis and decision-making subsystems, and the warning and notification system per se. Together, they provide the population in the affected area with sufficient time to prepare for an adverse situation or emergency, thus minimising the impacts.

4. What is a notification system?

An automated notification system is designed for fast and efficient delivery of messages to the designated persons dealing with emergency and rescue operations or persons whom such an emergency may endanger. The messages include voice mail sent through the public or mobile telephone network or text transmitted via SMS or electronic mail (e-mail).

5. What is software for control centres?

Vektra®  software for control centres is a server-client-based system of modern software applications that enable operators to control acoustic warning devices, manage rescue and emergency operations automatically, summon task forces, rescue and emergency staff meetings, keep the emergency management under control, and automate the management of processes during the rescue and emergency operations. As standard, the individual applications are procured and supplied independently, depending on client needs; however, they are designed to be easily interconnected to form a whole single system.

Hungry for knowledge?

There is much more. We will share more information with you in the following article. The more you ask, the more you learn. Since knowledge is power and you are hungry for knowledge, you can find answers to all your questions straightaway on our website or FAQ section.

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