Down the Hill to Safety (Avalanche Warning)

Down the Hill to Safety (Avalanche Warning)

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The unpredictability of the weather can most often surprise us in places where the weather manifests itself in its extreme forms. One such place is the mountains, constantly faced with wind or snow and where measures are essential to protect people. Aside from tourist falls and wild animal attacks, avalanches are the third most significant threat to people caused by nature. If a person is unluckily caught in an avalanche, seconds make all the difference.

Electronic sirens provide precious time

An avalanche warning system is one method to inform and warn people of the avalanche threat and mitigate its tragic yet unavoidable consequences. The system works by emitting sound signals from electronic sirens installed in areas with avalanche danger. However, the sirens must be deployed carefully because, paradoxically, it is possible that at high power, it is the force of the sound pressure and the waves of particles that could trigger an avalanche. They are placed under hills in places that are in the area at risk but not near other slopes.


Smart and remote

Electronic sirens are connected to weather stations or systems with sensors continuously monitoring mountain conditions. They provide the control centre information about the current avalanche danger (wind strength, snow cover, etc.). If the danger is too high, the system automatically triggers sirens based on the data received. Such an acoustic signal is usually of a high frequency and, if time permits, is supplemented by a warning message in the local language. If, for any reason, the sirens are no longer activated automatically, they can be activated manually straight away. And it does not matter whether on-site, on the control panel, or remotely, by mobile phone. In addition, acoustic warning systems are now designed to be combined with other warning methods, such as information boards or mobile phone alert systems. However they work, their purpose is the same.

Always be careful

The primary purpose of an avalanche warning system is to inform people in the mountains about the threat of an avalanche and to enable them to leave dangerous areas quickly. Mostly, then, to give them a few seconds to move indoors. It is important to note that despite the existence of such warning systems, individuals moving in dangerous areas should always be vigilant and cautious. They should observe safety precautions, use avalanche equipment (shovels and probes) and monitor the current conditions in their area. However, if a critical situation arises, it is always a good idea to know about it immediately.

If you are interested in how the system works, what solution is best for you in a particular case, or want to learn more about electronic sirens, visit our website. Of course, feel free to contact us directly at any time.

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