10 Main Reasons Why to Buy the Vektra® Software for Your Control Centre

10 Main Reasons Why to Buy the Vektra® Software for Your Control Centre

Vektra® is a set of modern software applications used in crisis management, security management, control centres, rescue services, etc. There are at least ten main reasons why the Vektra® Software should be an integral part of every control centre:

Vektra® consists of several independent modules that serve various purposes and can be fully integrated with an efficient control system. It may contain early warning systems (including outdoor sirens, external sensors, and PA systems), notification systems, smart building management systems, industrial automation systems and/or other emergency management systems.

It is possible to integrate any third party’s devices into Vektra®, collect, evaluate and display all collected information as well as actively respond to it, automatically control and activate processes, and, what is more, to carry out all of these operations only within a few seconds.

Vektra® offers a user-friendly environment that is optimised to fit users’ needs in specific situations.

Vektra® is fully adjustable to clients’ requirements. On the one hand, it can be configured to provide the best possible adaptability to clients’ needs and, on the other hand, it is designed to enable Telegrafia’s software developers to respond to clients´ unusual requirements and make all necessary modifications, i.e. to completely customise the solution for a specific client.

Vektra® is scalable. It offers a possibility of networking for several Vektra® clients, the so-called Multi-tier system, with superior and inferior workstations, as well as a number of back-up options such as database back-up, warm back-up, hot-swap, or hardware cluster (always-on) solutions.

Vektra® is available in 8 language versions (ENG, ESP, PORT, GER, POL, RUM, SLO, RUS), with possible extensions for other languages upon request.

Vektra® can be equipped and delivered with the Desktop Client or Web Client.

All logs and processes in Vektra® are stored in a comprehensive and clearly-arranged database.

Vektra® offers its users a simple, fast, effective and reliable solution for dealing with any emergency situation.

Vektra® modules are extensively employed in:

    • Dams
    • Rescue service units
    • Manufacturing plants
    • Nuclear power plants
    • Mines and quarries
    • The National bank of Slovakia
    • Slovak ministries
    • Civil defence forces
    • Chemicals factory
    • Steel mills