Water on the Second Floor

Water on the Second Floor

Do not worry. Storms are getting stronger and stronger nowadays, yet the water level in our building has never gone as high as the second floor. Otherwise, we would all feel sorry for the production going on on the ground floor. On the contrary, our second-floor department went on a trip to find water elsewhere, in the beautiful landscape of the Pieniny region, with the cool waters of the Dunajec river, food as much as you can eat, live music and a sporty spirit in us. This is how we could sum up the teambuilding of our sales managers and marketers in a few words. But do not think it was just fun. I mean, it was, but the time for play was preceded by work. We had worked hard over a long period of time to build up and earn a sense of deservingness and capped it off with training sessions in the days leading to the teambuilding event.


Slovak-Polish Teambuilding

We ultimately pushed the date of the event to the second week of September. Perhaps that is what ensured the balmy temperatures of an Indian summer. After all, how could we meet at the Polish border without our Polish colleague Michal? So, in the end, all cars arrived at the right place despite the deviations of out-of-date sat-nav apps or human failure that had first led some of them astray. Of course, our Marketing Department was the first on the spot to grab the best rooms to sleep in.

After the first dose of calories, both in solid and liquid forms, the female crew set off on a flatboat journey for a wild water adventure. Holt, the guys said that the flatboats were definitely dull (but that was definitely untrue as turned out later), so they chose a raft to float down the Dunajec instead. Wilder than the waves they conquered, they paddled with all their might as one man because they wanted to get a beer after only a few dozen meters of sailing. Well, despite the excellent instructions of our Ukrainian coordinator, we battled the water element and often ended up soaked through. Neither the “overwhelming” pace nor the great enthusiasm helped us catch up with the flatboats of the fairer sex, so our groups only joined up at the guesthouse after completing the trip back on our bikes.


Sing for the moment

After a short rest and the use of the spa, we indulged in the delights of good food accompanied by live music, although some of us had not even managed to get hungry yet. We were serenaded by a male goral trio that we thought would only play for an hour. Still, the musical accompaniment through dinner became the musical accompaniment through the evening. Well, we only found that out on the spot. Moreover, from the next room came the gentle voices of other young singing ladies. For those who were not into folk music, it was the singing of the young fairies that might have enchanted them.

Amused by the program and slightly (healthily) intoxicated, we gradually moved to the cabins. Everyone welcomed the morning in their own way. While most of us, the ordinary, were still enjoying the sleep, the tourist spirit woke the others up, and those few enjoyed the sunrise on Šľachovka Hill in the early hours. Finally, we all welcomed a misty day and went to the breakfast tables together. And how did it go after that? Breakfast, rest, a drive to work, and here we go! From one teambuilding event to another one. To make things worse or better? Or just have it all. Summer had slowly come to an end, so it was time to celebrate that too.

That is how we live and work at Telegrafia. And until we meet at the next event, the rest of you get your teams together. May we all do well at work.


The article was written by

Róbert Jakab

Robert is like a moving photograph – because he is like a video. He can capture 60 frames per second. Whenever something happens, he records it. Currently, he’s working on smaller videos and hoping to make a feature film one day and then its sequel. Telegrafia 2: Monkey Power

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