Using Electronic Sirens on Motorways

Using Electronic Sirens on Motorways

There is no doubt that electronic sirens are useful for more than a single purpose. Besides emergency warning, they find their applications in many other places such as large industrial plants, power plants, airports, or shooting ranges. Users see the benefits of electronic sirens in the automation of all key processes and the conveyance of messages in the daily operation of their businesses. Sirens can be easily managed from a control centre equipped with the Vektra® software. The multifunctional system thus created can warn people in endangered areas in case of an emergency, notify the emergency and rescue services, and reproduce live-voice and pre-recorded messages. The system can be connected to visual signalisation, or it can serve the needs of the rescue teams working on-site after the accident, providing evacuation instructions to the civilians in the area.

Motorway Warning and PA Systems

Motorists can avoid traffic congestions or pile-up accidents on motorways where an early warning system is installed. The system provides traffic information on where to slow down or stop and then avoid a potential collision, traffic jam or a car accident. The Pavian electronic sirens can be easily transformed to monitoring and PA devices and, using wired or wireless inputs and outputs, also interconnected with other devices. One of the significant advantages is their interconnection with a camera system, which enables police or private security officers to monitor every situation. They can actively respond to it by a live audio input and thus inform about incoming traffic congestion, road work, or a sudden weather change.

Using Electronic Sirens on Motorways

Monitoring Sudden Weather Changes

Because of bad weather, motorway conditions become hazardous, and accidents caused by sudden weather changes like a dense or patchy fog, heavy rain or strong wind are often fatal. Visibility sensors installed on motorways monitor the density of roadway fog, for example, and indicate potential problems. The monitoring system can be connected to a network of electronic sirens that are set up to send information to a control centre. When critical values ​​are exceeded, they automatically activate the sirens and put other technological devices into operation when necessary. Subsequently, notification messages are automatically sent from the control centre to the emergency units and rescue teams (the so-called first responders). These are quickly summoned to aid in emergencies. Therefore, monitoring, warning and notification systems installed on motorways can reduce accidents or, even more importantly, serve as a tool to prevent them.

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