The Best Electronic Siren on its Latest Iteration

The Best Electronic Siren on its Latest Iteration

Several years have passed since we hit on the bold idea of developing the brand new generation of mass warning systems. Driven by our passion for offering our customers the best possible solutions, now we can proudly introduce the first result of our earnest endeavour: the 4th generation of Pavian electronic sirens.

The flagship in our range of sirens arrives

For a long time, the previous generation of Pavian electronic siren was set as an industry standard, effectively serving in dozens of countries all around the world. However, we never rest on our laurels, and we are never satisfied with the achievements, so we have been continually working to improve our products. The result is the brand new siren that retains all the popular features and the features customers are used to but has also embraced several leading-edge technologies and useful features. Today we can exclusively share the very first details regarding the improvements publicly.

Design enhancements

  • Easier external cabling connection and attachment of additional modules to the flexible rear mounting panel
  • More robust amplifier construction for higher transport resistance
  • Improved siren box locks with a dustproof protection cover
  • The smaller size and weight of more powerful sirens over 1200 W
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Performance enhancements

  • Improved remote siren management capabilities (firmware reconfiguration, alarm addition and more)
  • Ability to change and add alarms remotely through all kinds of remote control communication channels
  • Improved connectivity to external devices (Wi-Fi, GPS, LTE, Bluetooth)
  • Text-To-Speech (reproduction of incoming text messages)
  • Customisation of siren functions using a variety of applications
  • More efficient audio processing, extended amplifier life, better audio signal quality and intelligibility
  • Almost unlimited number of alarms (limited only by a device memory size and alarm lengths)
  • Optional built-in siren volume control and mode selection (day/night)
  • More detailed diagnostics of siren and battery statuses
  • Heavier overload, increased temperature, and output short-circuit protection
  • Faster aerial charging with balanced aerial voltage

Main characteristics

  • High acoustic pressure over a great distance
  • Durable aluminium-alloy enclosure and high IP rating for the electronic box
  • High reliability due to:
    • the full operability of the siren even in case of a power failure
    • the full siren functionality in extreme temperatures
    • the advanced siren autodiagnostic functions
  • Multiple power-supply methods
  • The more effective communications with the control centre via radio and line communications channels

Available for sale right now

Would you like to learn more? Do you want to uncover full details? The latest generation of the Pavian electronic siren is being launched for sale, so please contact Telegrafia’s Sales Department. We will be happy to advise you on how to best implement the new Pavian electronic siren into your mass warning systems.

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