Success Story: OMV Petrom Refinery Emergency Situation Control Centre Modernisation

Success Story: OMV Petrom Refinery Emergency Situation Control Centre Modernisation

By the end of June, Telegrafia had successfully completed the modernisation of the control centre in one of the largest Romanian refineries and one of the largest in Eastern Europe, located in Ploieşti, Prahova County. The refinery is owned by OMV Petrom, the largest energy company in Southern Eastern Europe.  The Petrobrazi refinery can annually process 4.5 million tonnes of crude oil into high-quality fuels.

Comprehensive Solution Offering Full Automation

The delivered solution consisted of the installation of the Vektra® software with 24/7 availability, tight data security and backup control. The modernisation of the control centre offered complete automation of all key processes in the refinery and simplified the day-to-day tasks of the operators.

Control Centre

Unified GUI

The newly installed unified system with a user-friendly graphical interface now allows shortening the time of rescue operations, helps select appropriate rescue equipment, and lowers the associated costs. The system is more accurate, and the maintenance more straightforward and cost-effective. The server-client based software system consists of the following applications:

  • Vektra® Warning, which enables the operators to activate the Pavian sirens installed in the Petrobraszi premises efficiently and directly from a map or well-organised list of devices. More importantly, the sirens are activated in pre-defined or scheduled events, regularly tested for errors and live-voice announcements are allowed to a selected group to evacuate the endangered area if needed.
  • Vektra® Notification, which enables the operators to make automated telephone calls immediately and send short messages (SMS) to pre-defined recipients. The application is used in emergencies to summon emergency units and rescue teams (first responders). The operators can always return and evaluate the recorded events stored in the Vektra ® database.
  • Vektra® SCADA, which enables the operators to supervise monitoring devices and allows the management and control of the system elements such as ventilators, gates, and CCTV on one screen, hence providing a quick response to any unexpected event.
  • Vektra® Emergency & Rescue Management, which allows making and keeping electronic records of events, human and financial resources, supply inventories and rescue equipment, and then all data management, supervision, evaluation, updating, and systematic archiving.
  • Vektra® Recording, which enables to record radio communications from digital radio communication and telephone lines. The recordings will be stored in a pre-defined storage area.

Apart from the software modernisation, small hardware parts were included. A professional intercom designed for comfortable, two-way voice communication and OCP16 control panels offering backup control in case of a communications failure.

The Telegrafia company is pleased with the given trust as this solution represents the deployment of a large amount of the company’s product portfolio. Feel free to contact us if you are looking for a comprehensive warning system with unified control centre software.


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