Pavian Portable: The Company’s Flagship goes portable

Pavian Portable: The Company’s Flagship goes portable

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Have it where and when you need it

When you have something unique, you always want to keep it with you. No famous person has ever said this, but let us just say it can apply to many different aspects of life. Well, let us also say that it is a siren. In that case, we could add to that made-up statement that you always want to keep it when you need it. Our company’s flagship product is the Pavian electronic siren, the world leader in warning and notification systems. Now, you can have it wherever and whenever you need it.

The best is a portable

A new addition to Telegrafia’s portfolio is the Pavian Portable electronic siren – a powerful portable siren with all the features of the flagship product mentioned above. Its main advantage is that it can be used quickly and easily in the field, virtually anywhere and anytime. It is said to be the world’s first; therefore, it is the world’s first electronic siren of its kind to provide temporary acoustic coverage and extend operational coverage with a warning signal in an endangered area. Thanks to its portability, it can quickly replace a non-functioning siren damaged, for example, by a natural disaster, or be used to control evacuation and rescue operations in the affected area.

pavian portable

Little technological marvel

The power of the Pavian Portable electronic siren is 600 W or 1200 W, depending on the version,  and it comes from unique lightweight aluminium-alloy loudspeaker horns designed for maximum acoustic coverage. Since the siren’s main characteristics are its high power and portability, its compactness must be reflected in all aspects: the body of the siren, i.e. its electronic part; small loudspeakers; the placement of all its components in portable cases; and an adjustable tripod. The easy portability and installation of the siren are demonstrated by its mounting options. Pavian Portable can be mounted on a large or small tripod or hung on a hook, ensuring that the siren can be accommodated in any environment. The siren is powered by an external maintenance-free LiFePo4 24 V battery, which provides 300 or 150 minutes of continuous trouble-free operation, depending on the output and type of announcement/warning.

Regardless of the location or complexity of an emergency, the latest addition to the company’s portfolio is still an intelligent electronic device. It can play live voice announcements or warnings from its internal memory or remotely, as well as audio from various external sources. It also has a text-to-speech function, which means it can generate voice from any written text or file.

Be of the essence

Be of the essence. This is the aim of every Telegrafia’s siren and every Telegrafia’s product. Warn and inform. In this case, it is the ability to send an acoustic signal wherever it is needed, be it in a remote area or any place without coverage, not just an acoustic warning signal. All that is backed up by a wide range of siren control methods. The siren can be activated locally on-site, remotely via the Vektra® software app, or virtually anywhere via the mobile app. After all, accessibility is not only about the location of the siren but also about the siren activation options.

Telegrafia has once again slightly expanded its portfolio. At the same time, we are constantly developing and innovating every part of it. This desire to move forward is deeply rooted in our company, and no matter how much things change, one thing remains the same: we are the solution!

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