How to Buy a Siren Fitting Your Needs – FAQs with Explanations of What You Need Know

How to Buy a Siren Fitting Your Needs – FAQs with Explanations of What You Need Know

Choosing an electronic siren before its purchase can be a difficult task; however, by understanding your options and finding answers to the right questions, you will be able to choose a warning system solution that best fits your needs. Not only can a wrong choice affect a warning system’s capabilities (for example, its faulty design, low acoustic output of pressure loudspeakers resulting in insufficient sound coverage, inappropriate alarm frequencies, and wrong usage of the siren for the intended purpose), but it can also have a significant impact on the increased cost of the system. This is something that certainly needs to be avoided. Any additional costs can unnecessarily deplete the project budget, and this is the money that simply goes down the drain.

Whether you are an experienced or unexperienced purchaser of warning systems, we would like to help you find an ideal electronic siren for your warning system. To buy a siren has never been so easy.

What output/wattage (power rating measured in watts) should an electronic siren have to cover the endangered area I want? I would like to buy a siren with an appropriate acoustic output.

This is a serious concern during the selection process of an efficient warning system and it is of enormous importance for reaching the established goals. During the last 25 years of our market existence, Telegrafia has found its path to ask customers the right questions to obtain all necessary information that allows us to recommend them a siren with the right acoustic output.

Telegrafia has a vast array of outdoor sirens in its portfolio, beginning from 300 W units to the loudest world-wide recommended standard 3000 W units. Guided by our international market experience, we have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience to be able to implement more than 4,000 electronic sirens of various acoustic outputs/coverages and combine them into one robust tool called Acusticus. Thanks to this unique software tool our project managers are able to work on projects extremely fast and develop different solutions based on accurate and verified field data in order to provide our customers with the best options tailored to their needs. To buy the siren that is project-accurate is not an easy task but we are prepared to satisfy all placed requirements.

Shall I buy one 1,200 W siren or possibly four 300 W sirens?

There is a wide number of factors that could affect the right siren output – horn arrangements, azimuth, volume, intelligibility, land coverage and sound attenuation, many of these influenced by weather conditions, humidity and atmospheric pressure. We are able to examine all these factors just to facilitate your decision-making process so that you make a well-informed decision when buying a siren.

What type of electronic siren do I need to buy?

In order to satisfy the needs and high expectations of the world-wide siren users, we recognize how important it is for our customers to set different warning features for the system to be fully adaptable to their local requirements. Being well-aware of this fact, we have responded with the development of two sirens that are similar in their output in decibels and wattage, namely, 300 W and 3,000 W; but still different in their functions – the Gibon and Pavian siren lines. Those units are the result of the thorough optimising and customer-oriented strategy of our Research and Development Department.

You have numerous possibilities to buy the siren that fits your needs when selecting among:

    • The size of horns: our horns are the same in output/wattage (150 W) but different in size, which is a great advantage in projects where transportation costs matter and when the mounting of horns needs to be simplified.
    • The rating of a sirens box: another part of the siren where all the electronic modules such as amplifiers, batteries, power modules, acoustic modules and communications modules are situated. We can provide a whole range of boxes according to users´ requirements, from light plastic IP44-rated ones to stainless steel, waterproof and dust-tight IP66-rated ones.
    • A variety of siren features: our sirens are not only alarm-activating devices but also complex inventions that go far beyond this single-purpose function: their offer remote diagnostics, silent testing, sending live voice messages and emergency notification of the first responders (people in-charge), data storage functions, a number of alarm signals and methods of their activation as well as wireless communications options.
The final step in buying a siren is just as simple as that – contact us!

In our company, we are eager to help you find the right warning solution. We would like to prove to you that we are highly competent and capable of designing, manufacturing and delivering reliable warning and notification systems, from a simple one-siren project with easy push-button alarm activation to a complex hundred-siren project with two-way wireless communications between sirens and modern control centres. Our company history speaks for itself.