How Are Modern Security Systems Used in Schools?

How Are Modern Security Systems Used in Schools?

Schools are public buildings with a high concentration of people, so it is essential that they are secured in case of any threat. In an emergency, it is a few seconds of hesitation that can make a huge difference. For this reason, schools are currently trying to optimise security measures to protect their students, staff, and property.

School safety is a critical issue: after all, it is about protecting children and young peoples lives, and security risks at school are real. For example, statistics about school fires in the United Kingdom prove that the majority of fires occur during classes (especially between 10:00 and 16:00). Besides, the number of extreme weather events such as floods and landslides is growing, as well as human-made security threats (terrorism). Although the real risk is rather small, on the contrary, the potential damage is extremely high, especially if the staff or the school security system is not ready to respond immediately. Therefore, some smart warning systems to control such risks can be found in schools and universities nowadays.

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4 Important Features of Warning Systems

Intelligent school warning systems vary greatly. However, their fast and reliable activation is always a key feature. The basic elements of a high-quality warning system are as follows:

  1. Efficiency

A security system can be connected to sensors that enable the system to be automatically activated. A reliable warning system can be integrated into the existing school PA system and, at the same time, connected to the Vektra® Notification software module that allows automatic notification of the police or rescuers.

  1. Simple operation

Alarms can be activated manually, using a control panel or safety switch, but also remotely from a smartphone.

  1. Flexibility and scalability

A security system is adjustable to serve specific school needs and sirens can be programmed with various alarm tones or pre-recorded announcements for different emergencies. The arrangement of the electronic sirens in the system can cover both large and small areas, and the individual modules are synchronised and scalable, making it easy for schools to extend or alter the system whenever necessary.

  1. Reliability

A high-quality system is backed up for a power failure for up to 72 hours, which ensures that the system is fully operable even when other systems fail.

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Prevention first

Security risks are of as much concern for schools as for all public institutions. Their prevention is truly important since it is those we care most about that are endangered. Warning systems have become a must today to keep potential threats under control and provide security to all concerned.

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