Telegrafia Headquarters

Telegrafia Headquarters

The Telegrafia company has been developing and manufacturing the state-of-the-art outdoor electronic sirens for many years. Today, its products can be found all over the world and the list of places where they protect people and mitigate the effects of natural disasters has been steadily growing. This is the fact that creates increasing demand on both the company’s employees and manufacturing facilities.

In the last four years the company has heavily invested in the latest development and testing equipment, which has eventually outgrown its space. Similarly, manufacturing capacities have reached their maximum possible amount, so a decision has been made to set up the new company’s headquarters.

The new company’s headquarters are significantly larger to suit the company’s purposes and, at the same time, very modern, ecological, and comfortable premises with enough potential for further growth. The building was designed so that it provides an excellent base for the greatest hardware and software development team within the sector of companies dealing with electronic sirens and other mass early warning and emergency notification devices. Therefore, all Telegrafia’s clients and users of warning systems can buy and enjoy high-quality innovative products that are tested in the environment simulating hot deserts and/or cold mountains.

The manufacturing area has increased several times, which makes it possible to expand the company’s production capacity and to satisfy growing customer demands for warning devices in the present, and it will shorten delivery times for individual product categories in the future.

Some interesting spots and departments in the new Telegrafia’s headquarters will be introduced in the following series of articles.