Bono – The First Truly Stand-Alone Siren

Bono – The First Truly Stand-Alone Siren

In the design of early warning systems, it is quite common that technical specifications require non-standard solutions. It can be a combination of highly demanding processing capabilities and system parameters’ conditions, plus a compact size of the equipment, non-standard power supply conditions, or a lower output power of sirens at the same time. They all require full automation and integration with local systems and equipment. Such requirements are usually to be satisfied in industrial plants, noisy production halls, open-pit mines, jungles, deserts, highways, etc. Telegrafia’s high-tech siren Bono comes as the solution to all such problems.

Dimensions, Weight and Materials

The Bono siren is available in two versions: with a small or big horn. The electronics box is made of aluminium alloy and stainless steel. The fully assembled siren with all its components is so light that it can be carried in a hand of a single person. This significantly relaxes the requirements for locating its installation and simplifies the installation process; the compact dimensions make the installation quick & easy for both outdoor and indoor locations.

Power and Functionality

Despite its small size, Bono´s power output allows it to sound an area approximately 1 km in diameter, while its functionalities and technical capabilities meet the most stringent standards. Bono supports almost all modern communications channels. A huge number of alarms and voice messages can be recorded and stored in the siren memory, and live announcements made whenever necessary. Also, it is equipped with fully automated diagnostic functions, and it can be supplemented with some additional modules and accessories.

Power Supply and Backup

As standard, power is supplied to the Bono siren from the mains, but it also has a built-in battery for power supply backup. It is possible to equip it with a solar pack in case the standard power supply is not available and make it even more reliable and independent.

Siren Control

The Bono siren can be controlled both locally and remotely, using a wide range of control units: from a simple push-button unit to a complex software-controlled system. It is also possible to fully automate the siren´s control by its integration with other control or sensor monitoring systems.

More Than 25 Years of Proven Reliability of Telegrafia’s Sirens

Telegrafia has been gaining experience in the development and production of alarm systems for over 25 years. Our solutions have been successfully implemented in more than 60 countries worldwide. All the knowledge and skill gained was applied to create Bono – the best truly stand-alone siren nowadays. It has been tested in all possible climatic conditions, and it´s absolutely ideal for non-standard early warning systems.