6 huge advantages of the Urban church electronic bell

6 huge advantages of the Urban church electronic bell

The Telegrafia company has been engaged in the research, development and production of early warning technologies and sirens for over 29 years. The purpose of these systems is to preserve the most valuable, human life, in times of trouble. Before any other warning devices were invented, church bells had played the same role. In quiet times, they helped to save human souls and in dangerous times, they helped to save human lives.

Having considered both roles of the bell, the Telegrafia company consulted widely with the representatives of local religious communities so as to better understand the advantages and disadvantages of classical bells and be able to come up with a more modern solution.

The main problems of the existing bells were identified as follows

      • Huge weight of the system, having a significant impact on the structure of the buildings during its operation, especially on the old ones.
      • Complicated and expensive initial installation.
      • Complicated and expensive maintenance.
      • Necessity of special operational (bell-ringing) skills.
      • Time-consuming daily operation of the system.

Being aware of all these imperfections, our company decided to develop an electronic church bell – Urban, to maintain the old traditions and the same bell functions, but to rectify the above-mentioned problems.

6 huge advantages of electronic church bells:

        • Modern technology preserving traditional values
        • Replacement of classical church bells
        • Variety of applications with numerous useful features
        • Live broadcasting via microphone
        • Low weight without the risk of structural failure
        • Back-up in case of power failure

15 main functions

          • Traditional bell-ringing
          • Multiple bell-ringing (a possibility of combining small, medium and large bells)
          • Adjustable bell-ringing with the fading sound
          • Other sounds (rattle, warning against fire, flood, etc.)
          • Live broadcasting via microphone
          • High basic power output of 300 W with an additional possibility of increasing the acoustic performance/coverage of the electronic church bell
          • Resistant long-life lightweight aluminium alloy horns


          • Back-up battery to ensure the bell-ringing in case of power failure
          • Interconnectivity with other electronic devices
          • Authorisation by a touch memory/RFiD button – protection against unauthorised use
          • Optional pre-programming of 12 automatic events (ringing at pre-set times)
          • Automatic hour striking at each full hour
          • Adjustable volume level (sound pressure)
          • Optional X-bee or Wi-Fi remote control of the electronic church bell by several people
          • Optional simple push-button control (manual start/stop of the ringing with a selection of bell types)

Are you interested in giving your church a facelift?

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The article was written by

Miroslava Malachovska

Miroslava is the marketing manager. She has been working for Telegrafia for more than twelve years. She began as a business department assistant and later worked as an educational centre coordinator. Since her return from maternity leave, she has been working for the marketing department. The experience and knowledge she has gained give her a solid base for the challenging and creative work she is now doing for the marketing department. She loves running, and keeps fit by regular training and preparing for half-marathon competitions.

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