4th Generation of Warning Systems on Your Doorsteps

4th Generation of Warning Systems on Your Doorsteps

For more than 25 years, Telegrafia has been at the heart of professional mass warning and notification systems development efforts. It is a legacy we are proud of, and a legacy we continue to build upon as we launch new products and technologies. Now we are going to mark the significant milestone by starting the next generation of mass warning systems.

The time is ripe

In recent years, we have witnessed the emergence of several exciting technologies and modern trends in the field of electronics, electro-technical engineering and software development. Cloud services are commonplace in several areas, and people are gradually becoming familiar with terms such as IoT (Internet of Things) or systems controlled by artificial intelligence (AI). Moreover, hand in hand with these developments in this fast-changing environment go the increasingly demanding needs and expectations of customers. These are, to a certain extent, satisfied by the gradual improvement of existing products, but such an approach has its limitations. That is why we took on the difficult challenge of developing an entirely new generation of early warning systems a few years ago.

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Evolution or revolution?

Telegrafia is committed to providing the best electronic sirens, PA systems and acoustic mass warning solutions. These are popular with dozens of countries around the world. Therefore, coming to the market with radically new and unverified solutions would not be right or desirable. On the contrary, at the very start of our endeavours, we set ourselves the goal of preserving all the popular features and functionalities of the devices you are used to and only added new technologies and more sophisticated features.

 By going beyond conventional design concepts and using innovative and challenging approaches, we were able to develop new, much more variable and flexible warning systems. As a result, we can offer you – our customers – a completely new standard and thus tailor our solutions to your actual requirements better.

What to look forward to?

It would take too much time to name all the improvements, but at least, we can summarise them generally in four main areas:

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All specific products of the 4th generation will be launched gradually throughout 2019 and 2020. Our first product, Telegrafia’s flagship of the Pavian electronic siren, will reach our customers in a few weeks. It is an all-time technological and performance peak in the entire product portfolio, and it is primarily designed for complex early warning systems that require sophisticated control and effective siren status monitoring. Next will soon be the Gibon siren and others, as well as some brand new products that are not yet part of the current product range.

Air of excitement

The previous generation of electronic warning systems has already set high quality and functionality standards. However, thanks to the state-of-the-art technology and the leading team of dedicated developers at Telegrafia, we have become even more demanding and succeeded in bringing our powerful and popular alert systems even higher. The fourth generation of warning systems from Telegrafia is setting a new industry standard that has not yet found any competitor.

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The article was written by

Miroslava Malachovska

Miroslava is the marketing manager. She has been working for Telegrafia for more than twelve years. She began as a business department assistant and later worked as an educational centre coordinator. Since her return from maternity leave, she has been working for the marketing department. The experience and knowledge she has gained give her a solid base for the challenging and creative work she is now doing for the marketing department. She loves running, and keeps fit by regular training and preparing for half-marathon competitions.

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