The Webinar on EWS in Case of Floods Was a Great Success

The Webinar on EWS in Case of Floods Was a Great Success

A webinar about the latest developments in flood early warning systems was held on Friday, 19 June. The Peruvian company of Enviroequip organized online presentation and invited the manufacturer of warning and monitoring systems, Telegrafia, to present their work. Not only 120 participants from various companies and institutions but dozens of questions raised were proof of the great success of the webinar.

What was the content of the online webinar?

Presentation of the Telegrafia company

Telegrafia a.s. is a manufacturer of warning, systems, including monitoring and notification, with their own development capacities. During its almost 30-year history, they have developed a fourth generation of warning systems and the leading product of the electronic siren Pavian, which has no competition in the world.

Monitoring, Warning and Notification System for dams, reservoirs, rivers, lakes, and mud pits

The EWS contains three essential elements. First of all, it is a quality monitoring system consisting of a group of various sensors (water level, pressure, flow sensors, weather stations, etc.), a monitoring station and a control centre, which measure, evaluate and display data, and detect a possible threat. Secondly, it is a multi-level notification of all first responders (rescue and evacuation teams, firefighters, police, local authorities, etc.) about the real situation and the imminent danger. Notification system must be fully automatic, fast, dependable, and flexible at the same time. Finally, yet importantly, it is a warning system equipped with sophisticated control software that can work both independently and automatically, based on the data collected from the monitoring system and mass warning devices. Electronic sirens ensure that a warning alert reaches all people located in the endangered area, even in case of a power outage or adverse weather conditions. The electronic sirens provide various communications options and have many advanced functions such as complete self-diagnostics, silent testing, remote recording, live-voice and text-to-speech functions, excellent intelligibility, and many others.

Webinar on EWS

Block of Questions

A block of questions was the time when each participant could ask for additional information. All questions were collected and responded during the following week.

We would like to thank Enviroequip for the invitation and the possibility of presenting our work. Also, we are grateful for all participants for their keen interest. We look forward to further cooperation.


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Petra Rychtarcikova

Petra is an international business manager in charge of Spanish, French and Portuguese-speaking countries. Petra, with her global, economic and logistic background and knowledge of four languages, does very productive and responsible work for Telegrafia. Latin-American affairs, travelling, tourism and electronic sirens are her hobbies, and she is pleased to bring you exciting information from the Telegrafia world.

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