Success Story: Early Warning System at an Industrial Plant in Colombia, South America

Success Story: Early Warning System at an Industrial Plant in Colombia, South America

Name of the Project: Industrial Alert System
Country: Colombia, South America
Goal of the Project: Equipment of the cement factory with an industrial alert system – For the purpose of warning the staff in case of emergency
Devices: The Gibon 1800 W siren equipped with the OCP11 operator’s control panel
Date of the Project: 2016

In a mountainous region of Colombia, South America, there is one of the largest cement factories in the country. Due to the climatic conditions, the region is rich in rainfall, and the humidity is extremely high. The high temperatures in grinding stone while making cement may lead to the temperatures rising to 55°C at the plant. Furthermore, a great number of small dust particles is produced and released into the air.

Difficult Working and Environmental Conditions

The manufacture of cement of various types requires a process involving high-temperature furnaces, gigantic stone crushing mills, and many other elements in the constant movement. Therefore, the background noise in the plant is 84 dB, indicating that only a powerful electronic siren can carry a clear message to all places where over 800 people work 24 hours every day.

Early Warning System Capable of Meeting the Most Demanding Requirements of the Environment

The installed alert system consists of 12 Gibon horns, which are made of anticorrosive aluminium alloy and strategically arranged on the plant tower. They supply 800 people with alert information in case of emergencies. The system, which is equipped with a control panel and a microphone, can deliver three types of warning messages that announce the level of risk and provide the personnel with specific instructions on the actions to be taken. It is connected via the LAN network. The siren is backed-up with batteries, which allow its operation even if there is a power failure. It is mounted on a stainless steel pole, ensuring its maximum durability.

With the alert system installed, the emergency units thus have an efficient tool to warn their staff promptly, reducing the chances of injury and damage to the factory infrastructure.