Increasing Security in COPEBRAS, a Chemical Company in Brazil

Increasing Security in COPEBRAS, a Chemical Company in Brazil

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Warning System for COPEBRAS
Catalão – Goiás, Brazil
4 Pavian 3000
Increasing the region security

Copebras, a company of the Chinese group CMOC International, is the second largest phosphate rock producer in Brazil. Copebras mines and processes niobium and phosphate, and produces sulphuric, phosphoric and fluorosilicic acids, fertilisers, and animal feed supplements.

In 2017, four Pavian 3000 sirens and the Vektra® Warning software were installed as part of the Emergency Action Plan for Mining Dams (PAEBM). Besides the sirens, escape routes and meeting points in the Autosave zone were built, and training was provided for the community within the framework of the plan.

The early warning system consists of a control centre including two Vektra® Warning software packages that activate and deactivate four Pavian 3000 sirens via a digital radio network. All the control software, electronic sirens, and the communications channel are fully backed-up, which ensures the flawless operation of the system in unexpected situations and emergencies.


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